Cheap? Yes

Our customers get better rates and pay lower fees than at their banks or brokers offer.

Safe? Absolutely

Customer money is ringfenced in trust accounts and we are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Fast? Lightning

Our partner network moves your money faster than the banks can. Meaning you get your money faster.

Make your business more competitive

Get the market midpoint exchange rate

1 Australian dollar equals

United States dollar

The exchange rate you get from AquireFX is the mid-point between the buy and the sell prices of the two currencies. We add a transaction fee based on how much money you are converting. This means you get the exchange rate used by big businesses. Not one designed to hide extra fees.

You can verify the rates we use at any of the independent exchange rate data providers.

We use our peer-to-peer currency network to move your money between countries . Connecting you with businesses who want to swap their USD for your AUD. NZD to GPB. Or any of the 80 currency swaps we support. Cutting out banks and brokers so our fees are less.

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