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Our Team

Steve McKenna, CEO


Co-founded Cadiz [JSE:CDZ]. His experience includes fixed income and derivatives trading at Old Mutual and Syfrets. Cadiz was the number one derivatives research house in South Africa for 15 consecutive years.


When Steve moved to Australia he saw firsthand the lazy margins the banks were making and by setting up AquireFX has decided to do something about it. At AquireFX, Steve helps our customers on-board. He also delivers the compliance and regulatory activities that make AquireFX safe to use. Giving AquireFX’s customers the confidence that their money is being managed, and that they’re getting great rates.

Bruce Macfarlane, COO


Co-founded BidEnergy [ASX:BID]. His experience includes credit management with ScotiaMoccata, derivative trading with Genesis Power, and strategy consulting with CapGemini.


Bruce has taken the lessons from his trading, consulting, and start-up experience and put them to work at AquireFX. At AquireFX Bruce looks after customers from their first sign-up to their daily transactions. Delivering the operations and technology that make AquireFX a great foreign exchange business.

Our Values

Built on customer happiness

We want you to walk away delighted every time you visit AquireFX. If not, we have failed.

Respecting diversity

Our strength is our people. Together, their diversity makes our business better.

Ideas and solutions

Our results challenge the everyday because we value ideas and solutions. Our business is built by no-ego doers.


And above all we do things in an ethical and transparent way. Honesty is our core.

Our Story

AquireFX gives you an FX money transfer service, that we want to use. A service that lets you access the wholesale FX market and tells you the cost. A service where simplicity and quality shows in every step.

Before AquireFX, we noticed that somehow the rate we expected was never the one we got. So, our international payments always seemed to cost more than we wanted. We set up AquireFX to give us the FX rate we expected, for a cost we could understand.

Using AquireFX you get access to the same market rates we use for the same price we pay.

AquireFX is Melbourne based, and founded by Steve McKenna and Bruce Macfarlane. We have both co-founded listed companies, and we bring financial and technology experience.

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