How It Works

Register with us, and access wholesale FX rates for your international payments


You can sign up using our website. We’ll guide you through the process of registration. You will need to give us some information, and upload identification documents. We do for this to meet money laundering regulation.

Make and manage payments

After we’ve verified your identity, you’ll get access to our customer portal. Here you’ll be able to create orders, add beneficiaries, and track payments. You can also get an FX quote by calling us.

Access wholesale market rates

The exchange rate you get from AquireFX is the wholesale buy or sell rate that our FX provider gives us. We add a transaction fee based on how much money you are converting. We pay the bank fees we can control. But sometimes international banks charge fees we have no control over, so we don’t pay for those.

Our approach means you get the exchange rate used by big businesses. Not one designed to hide extra fees.

Transfer to global destinations

We can convert and transfer your money to most global destinations. Money transfers take between one and three days. As soon as you deposit your money we start the transfer.

Safe environment

Your money is safe because it is held at a major Australian bank, in a customer segregated account.

We are regulated in Australia, and we follow the rules of other regulators around the world. A major Australian bank holds your money in a client segregated account. Our professional indemnity insurance covers acts of fraud. Our software application is built on Salesforce, which may be one of the safest places online.

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